What is the Teacher Resource Library?

The Teacher resource Library is a comprehensive resource library for teachers seeking to teach human sexuality, relationships and faith from a Catholic perspective.

It is the only one of its kind in Australia and is easy to use, dynamic and, modern and highly relevant to the everyday lived experience facing students.

The library consists of an extensive range of modules.

Each module has a short online video for class use, teacher background information, key references and information needed to teach the module, a vast selection of class activities, pdf worksheets, discussion and homework ideas, podcasts for students and personal interviews with high profile people.

Why a Teacher Resource Library?

Each year CHOICEZ MEDIA produces a year 12 magazine called The Road Ahead. This magazine reachers over 20,000 grade 12 students in their final year of high school. In marketing The Road Ahead magazine each year increasingly teachers were providing feedback that they were struggling to teach human sexuality and relationships within a faith perspective.

They were unsure of what they were allowed to teach, some simply did not know what the CatholicChurch taught on the topics and they were lacking good resources that communicated the rich teachings of the Church in a dynamic and attractive way that students could relate to in their everyday lives.

It is in response to this direct feedback from teachers that the Teacher resource Library was developed.

Who is it for?

The Teacher resource library is a toolkit for teachers in the classroom. It has been created specifically to give teachers the confidence, information and tools they need to teach the topics of human sexuality, relationships and faith from a Catholic perspective.

The secondary school resource library is available now and the primary school resource library will be available in July 2019.


Each module teaches from a Catholic understanding of the value and dignity of the human person as created in the image and likeness of God. Each module contains a selection of the following.


Teacher background information


Key church and scripture references

Key learning objectives

High quality online videos



Personal testimony interviews

Video worksheets

Class activities


Pdf worksheets


Class discussion questions

Real life application tasks

Homework ideas

A Video from the Developers

Teacher Resource Library

Teaching Human Sexuality, Relationships and Faith from a Catholic perspective.

Created in God's Image and Likeness

Relationships and Human Sexuality

Education and Faith Formation
Primary LibrarySecondary Library


What People Are Saying About Us

Milad Khalil

As an educator who has worked in the areas of PDHPE, Religious Education and Youth Ministry, I can confidently say that issues that pertain to Life and Love are at the forefront of the minds of young people. The Choicez Media Teacher Resource Library is truly a unique resource that offers both PDHPE and R.E teachers the opportunity to deepen their own understanding of the Catholic Church’s position on these issues and also serves as an invaluable resource in assisting teachers on how to present this information to young people real, engaging and relevant ways. The direct links between syllabus, scripture and church documents as well as the high quality videos are elements I particularly appreciated. A resource like this has been a long time coming and I highly recommend it to you.

Milad Khalil
Leader of Learning: Youth Ministry, Sydney Catholic Schools

Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Choicez teacher resource Library is a wonderful resource for teachers and educators regarding all matters pertaining to friendship and intimacy. The different topics of Choicez resources give depth and basic foundational building blocks to sexuality and relationships.

I recommend this resource to you as an important tool in which our education of children can progress in a solid and mature manner.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse
Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn

Dr John Graham

Jonathan Doyle has worked with parents, teachers and students in schools of my Diocese for five years. He is exceptional in his ability to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ and His Church to each of these different groups and to inflame their faith.

Dr John Graham
Assistant Director, Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Lismore


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